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ECPA, Your Business Partner and Tax Advisor for Success
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Enterprise CPAs, Ltd. (ECPA) is a Chicago based certified public accounting firm.  Enterprise CPAs, Ltd. provides full scope of public accounting services with highest professional standard at affordable cost for small businesses.  Our services are clients satisfaction and peace of mind guaranteed.  ECPA provides services including tax preparation and tax planning for individuals in fifty States in USA as well as in China; new business set up and incorporation services; merger and acquisition; due diligence; accounting & bookkeeping in accordance with GAAP of the United States of America; compilation, review, and audit services for private companies, and public companies; sales and payroll taxes; tax saving and business consulting; international accounting and taxes.

ECPA also assist companies to set up or acquire subsidiaries in USA for investment purpose, business expansion, or brand name recognization and globalization; and we provides services including accounting, taxes, review and audit, merger and acquisition in US and China.

ECPA specializes in international tax services for multi-status foreign individual taxpayers as well as US citizens and permanent residents with foreign source income to report both USA tax returns and foreign countries taxes.  We also help multi-national companies to plan the international taxes.  We have been in international tax consulting business particularly between US and China for more than 15 years, since the China first time open the doors to foreign investments.

ECPA have been working and partnering with leading investment banks, top security law firms, immigration law firms, and public relation companies, such as Wells Fargo, Provident Funding Group, HSBC, First Chicago Financial Group, to facilitate our clients' financing needs, immigration needs, and investment growth opportunities.

At ECPA, clients satisfaction motivates us to provide highest quality services with highest level of integrity at lower cost.

If you believe you pay too much taxes and want to know the secretes of why the wealth people pay less taxes than middle-class, and want to have our free newsletter about tax and investment updates, please contact us at


If you are a public company looking for public audit to provide high quality service and at the same time to lower your budget under the current economic condition, or interested in going public in USA, please contact at
David.Liu@EnterpriseCPA.com, Kathy.Fang@EnterpriseCPA.com or call 312-326-3412.