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ECPA, Your Business Partner and Tax Advisor for Success
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Enterprise CPAs, Ltd. (ECPA), a leading public accounting firm based on Chicago, conducts audits for private and public (SEC) companies listed at OTCBB/NASDAQ. We have excellent relationships with local lenders and attorneys to further assist you with your long term business planning. At ECPA, we meet with our clients on a consistent basis throughout the year.  We provide objective counsel for management and address problems and identify opportunities.

An audit shouldn’t interfere with business operations.  Thorough planning and proper staffing are imperative to delivering timely results and avoiding costly delays.  We further promote efficiency and cost effectiveness in our audit process through the use of the latest technology.

Our approach to the conduct of the audit requires that we obtain an in-depth understanding of the company.  The audit is tailored to the specific company’s needs and objectives.  This “tailoring” requires knowledge of the goals; major operating policies, regulatory environment and information requirements.  Our audits are performed in accordance with a risk-based approach, which is assessed at the engagement level and at the account level.  The scope of substantive tests of account balances is determined based upon the interaction between the assessed risk and our planned reliance on internal controls and calculated materiality levels.  In addition, through the utilization of data extraction software, we are able to flag financial information from your computerized accounting records to maximize audit efficiency and error detection.  This ensures that audit time is utilized most efficiently to render our audit report on the financial statements as a whole.  Our audits are performed in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America.

ECPA has developed broad industry knowledge through years of experience serving entrepreneurs for closely held businesses and public companies.  Our clients represent most sectors of the US-China economy and our audit team has developed the industry knowledge and experience to support their business needs.

For questions or inquiry about our audit quotation, please call 312-326-3412 or email
info@EnterpriseCPA.com, ask for Kathy.